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Being the continued explorations of a living steampunk.

The steampunk world is all around us, lying just out of sight, in a continuous thread of steampunk builders and culture that extends from the Victorian era to the present. You'll find no science fiction here: This is real life steampunk.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Traveled to Chopper Mecca (Portland). Went on a Chunk ride and marveled at the legendary bikes rotting in Megulon's yard, rode Sproing. Zoobombed on the death pixie and had the crap scared out of me, rode down a 4-lane highway down the mountain with no brakes. Crawled through lava tunnels at the base of a volcano with my brother and my sweetie. Lived in a treehouse. Visited the Brooklyn Roundhouse and cried when I saw Engine #4449. The crazy old machinists let me sit in the engineer's chair and pull levers for them while they tracked down a steam leak. Met old friends for the first time at the Clownhouse. Goofed around on a submarine and in giant kegs of unknown purpose. Love Portland. Would move there but I can't stand lefties.

Eventually I'll have some pictures from there and from New Orleans.


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