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Sunday, June 12, 2005

I went on the World Naked Bike Ride. I didn't really want to (bicycles and nudity is just a weird combination) but I felt obligated out of political responsibility. Plus, after being naked in a paper with a circulation of 250,000 I felt I'd lost my trump card anyway.

I reckon there were about 350 nekkid people there. The creepy-old-dude factor was pretty low, but you could tell there were some nudist types who were like "sure I'll ride a bike if I can be nekkid" rather than the other way around. At the start a woman was nursing her baby in the park, and I thought it was a great symbol of why we were doing it. The fact that it's illegal to be yourself, to show your body, is outrageous.

The cops cracked down, tried to net us in, grabbed everyone they could. It made me so mad, to think of all the harmful things that are legal (like driving an SUV to perpetuate oil addiction and therefore war, building a corporate box store to run all the local shops out of business, or even selling shitty burgers and breeding a nation of obese sick people) and here the cops are kicking the shit out of naked old men and naked young women... like this is a threat. It was after 9pm, we were riding through all the bar districts, and this was a non-sexual ride... not a single person in the community disapproved. Everybody loved it. Even most cops! They were taking pictures! But that one precinct just decided that hundreds of nekkid people is a dangerous thing, and violence must be employed. What a sick, fucked-up world.


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