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Being the continued explorations of a living steampunk.

The steampunk world is all around us, lying just out of sight, in a continuous thread of steampunk builders and culture that extends from the Victorian era to the present. You'll find no science fiction here: This is real life steampunk.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Got a girlfriend and she's the bomb.

Rode on the St. Chino's run; 150 tallbikers and a few choppers riding the 35-mile trip from Minneapolis to the banks of the St. Croix to camp out for the weekend.

Built a drumkit bike to add a full drum set to a marching band.

Been working like crazy on the lagoon-set spectacle at work, building lots of floating churches etc.

Met up at the scrapyard with a guy who ships medical equipment to Cuba. He's looking for a bike-ambulance builder, I was riding my sidecar bike. Alliance formed.

Explored a warehouse guarded by two roosters and they kicked the shit out of me.

Friend died of an overdose. Cried. Sewed in her honor..


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