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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Took an extended trip to the northeast. The trip out was all Amish and Juggalos and made me yearn to stop in every town and explore the abandoned warehouses. Boston's roads are really rough and I fell off my rattyfarthing a lot. Was proud to see that Porno Squad is developing quite a distinct building style. Went on a SCUL ride, what a blast! Experienced the usual feelings of "this bike club is awesome, glad it's not mine". I got a "Pigpen Is My Copilot" patch, turns out her overdose was an accident, feeling very mad at heroin these days.

Made it to NYC despite my bike being held back for 12 hours. Luckily they had a spare and we rode from Penn Station to Brooklyn, feeling like The Warriors.

The Black Label scavenger hunt included lots of points for stupid tattoos, and then they never did tally up the points. Whoops! One of the stops was the Empty Vessel, an ole boat somebody is fixing up as a multi-use space. One of the teams managed to find snow and pelt us with snowballs.

They say L.B. is dead but others say its a rumor. How can you tell if a traveler turns up missing?

The bike kill was out of control.

Doing a lot of thinking about being a grownup and getting involved in more permanent projects. The stuff we saw in NYC was amazing and the result of a lot of hard work. I'm also figuring out that the role of the adult amidst crazy young punks is often to suffer foolishness silently and try and provide an example. In the past I've always lashed out. Yet when I watch the way that people who have it more together than I tolerate me, I realize sometimes you just have to let idjits be idjits.


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wow, finally growing up? interesting...

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