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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Bubbly Dynamics

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Another warehouse I frequent is one in the Chicago Stockyards called Bubbly Dynamics.  Bubbly Dynamics has many air compressors.  How I love air compressors!

This is the one I use.  What a beauty!  Because Bubbly Dynamics used to be a  motorcycle pick-a-part, there are many dead motorcycles lying about.  That is why this air compressor has a Harley Davidson "Screamin' Eagle" air filter.  Look at that V-twin!

This one is made from an old Hercules, the classic farm workhorse engine.

Check out the dashboard:

This is a modern, $20,000 air compressor.  My, how design has suffered.  Boo!

Here's another kind of air compressor.  Guess where this one's from!

Visit it!

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