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Being the continued explorations of a living steampunk.

The steampunk world is all around us, lying just out of sight, in a continuous thread of steampunk builders and culture that extends from the Victorian era to the present. You'll find no science fiction here: This is real life steampunk.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

X-man and I are best buds. Even though he's dyslexic, alcoholic, and homeless, he manages to put out a great public-access cable show of his exploits, which often include exploits with yours truly. He loves to point the camera at me because I'll spout propaganda at the drop of a hat... or yell incoherently, depending on my sobriety. And I don't see X-man when I'm sober very often.

Here's some pictures from a recent party. It was going well- X-man and I didn't seem to mind that we were the only ones left besides a yawning host couple- but X-man had cooked up some homemade hooch and gone on a 3-day bender. Problem was, he drank the rotten fruit and the sediment and got real sick. Here I am trying to get him off the floor.


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