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Monday, November 02, 2009

Steampunk Vehicles

I found this beast in the National Museum of Australia:

This is a 4x4 modified to catch buffalo.  Buffalo were introduced into Australia in the 1820s but by the 1960s had become a pesky invasive species that also spread bovine diseases to the livestock.  So they began to offer a bounty, and some tough ole blokes made this truck to catch them live.  In order to do so, they had to make the truck buffalo-proof as well.  This picture is from here:

...and if you have quicktime you can see a movie of it in action here:

Visit it!

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A modified M62 on the grounds of VNIKTI (Institute for diesel locomotives) in Kolomna, Moscow:

From the Much Marcle steam rally... check out the vehicle in the background!

Runways need to be cleared of ice, and so jet engines need to be mounted on trucks...




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