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Monday, July 27, 2009

Allpower Labs

Location: Berkeley, CA

I've begun to build gasifiers for a company called Allpower Labs. More on gasification later- this is a cool place to work in. They used to be off the grid, running on solar, until the city of Berkeley shut them down (go figure?) The Neverwas Haul lives here, so I can take tea in it every day if I want.

Coming from a family of machinists I have a love of beautiful old shop tools. Allpower Labs has a wonderful collection of machines from the San Francisco Navy Shipyard. No milling or lathing is necessary for you to assemble your own GEK (in order to keep it more accessible to the DIY builder), however, we sometimes use these tools when prototyping or altering GEK parts.

A 1968 Cincinnati dial mill, Cincinnati Ohio. Look at the beautiful badge!

A Burgmaster turret tap and bore, Gardenia California. This one has a Navy and an Air Force badge. The turrets allow you to run bulk jobs, making multiple cuts using up to six different bits, without having to change each time.

A 1955 Monarch lathe, Sidney Ohio. I love the tachometer:

This "Do-All" bandsaw (Des Plaines, IL) has a setting for cutting meteorites!

Finally, the big boy, a 1967 Jones & Lamson turret lathe:

I feel that machines like these are part of America's manufacturing heritage, and it's our duty to keep them loved and in use.

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