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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

One of my friends got his girlfriend pregnant. What did they do in the old days when someone got in trouble? Went to some back-alley doctor to fix it, I guess. Even the concept of outlawing abortion didn't really exist until the 1920s, when our agrarian-based economy needed lots of farm hands and it was first outlawed. Up until that point the start of life was always considered to be the quickening. I still think it should be the quickening- if you take care of it beforehand, you're eliminating a potential person, and if you wait until after you're murdering an actual person. It's worked for us for centuries, why change it? Provide adequate birth control and education and you'll eliminate the need for abortion, anyway. But you never hear that from conservatives.

What my buddy's girlfriend did was order some ulcer medication from the internet that causes miscarriage in 80% of users. I guess that's what the kids are doing these days, when they get in trouble. It just really made me sad to hear that, to think that abortion has become easy and cheap thanks to corporate products and their side effects.


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