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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Someone came into my house and stole $120 out of the place where we hide the rent money. We can't lock the doors because my roommate kicked the back door in. On the 1st, we put the money in a box in a drawer so when the landlord comes through on the 4th or so we can give it to him even if all of us aren't home. Here's the suspicious thing: There was $275 in there, and they only took $120. Seems like a stranger/burglar would take it all. Seems like $120 is the amount you take if either a) you know the victim and don't want to screw them over entirely, or b) you need $120 (which, by the way, is the exact retail price of a Playstation Portable, which every kid in my neighborhood wants).

The loss of the money isn't going to ruin me. But it always feels like such an invasion. Our house has a serious security problem but that problem is going away soon, thank god. I can't believe we live in the ghetto, there are no fewer than FIVE bullet holes in the front of the building, and we can't even lock our fucking door. It took a year to get bars over the window, and when that happened my roommate couldn't break the window to break in (a popular solution to being locked out at our house) and he didn't want to have to go around to the front door, so blammo. The folks downstairs let a lot of bums live there- I mean a LOT- and that means unlocked gates and strangers about.


-the downstairs neighbor's kid, who is sometimes in our house uninvited when we come home. I don't want to suspect him because he seems like a good kid but it also seems so obvious. Prime Suspect #1
-one of the hoodlums who the kid brings with him into our house when we're not home (this is who stole Eric's digital camera). Prime Suspect #2
-one of the bums squatting downstairs (hasn't that girl ever heard the term "squat matress"?). Ninety percent of traveling kids are awesome, the other 10% are super-duper shitty. We had a whole mess of the shitty variety staying here a while back, but now there's too many to keep track of. Prime Suspect #3
-one of the Rats who is always trying to rip us off anyway? Nah, they're chiselers, not outright thieves. They use deceit, mooching, and nibbling. Secondary suspects.
-the heavily addicted former roommate who knows where the money is kept and was in the house recently? Seems unlikely. He's such a functional drunk that I can't see him needing money. Included here because the new roomie hasn't paid out his deposit yet, so there could be some basis there for theft, I've lived with boozehounds before and know how they think when they're desperate. Secondary suspect.

...of course, there's nothing I can do about it, but suck it up. That's the worst part about injustice.


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