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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Be Inclusive Kill Exclusivity

"Two filmmakers infiltrate a secretive, vegan,
virulently anti-capitalist bicycle gang, made up of
punks and anarchists, who engage in drunken
medieval-style jousts while riding self-customized
six-foot-tall bicycles called mutant bikes. Yes, this
is a documentary. Hyper-masculine, subversive and

See the trailer:

The filmmakers have been very eager to assist the Rat
Patrol in our efforts to send a member to Patriensa
Ghana where Danny Danger and I lived and worked. They
have donated merchandise which you can obtain at West
Town Bikes. Embroidered tallbike hats and shirts with
bikes and beer (see pictures at the website store)
Proceeds will go to the Ghana project.

If you buy a DVD online, select "Chicago- Rat Patrol"
as your affiliate and part of your purchase price will
go to our project.

Soon we will screen this movie at West Town with some
Ghanaian snacks, and pass the hat. We're about
halfway to our fundraising goal. Thanks to those
who've already donated in person or at our "A Tazing
For Africa" charity event. Maybe there can be more
tazing at future fundraisers.

See the project:




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